The Palm Beach County Library Association is a professional library organization committed to the support and advancement of libraries and those interested in library service through professional development and timely communications. PBCLA’s Scholarship and Professional Development Awards provide funding for members to attend conferences or continue their education. The association supports innovative library services throughout the county, encourages cooperation among libraries, librarians, staff and supporters, informs the public of library matters, and provides professional support and assistance to members of PBCLA. We hope that you'll take the time to get to know us better.

Upcoming Events

The Palm Beach County Library System, Library Cooperative and PBCLA Job Exchange Program is now year-round! All information service providers — professionals and paraprofessionals — are welcome to participate in the exchange program to network and learn from other providers in different library and information agency settings. Click here to book your job exchange today!

Now Available

Overdue in Paradise: The Library History of Palm Beach County, written by local librarians, tells the story of the county’s rich library history. Proceeds from book sales support PBCLA. Click here to purchase your copy today!