If you would like to get involved more with our organization, joining a committee is a great way to do so. Email us at if you’d like to join a committee, or if you have questions about committees, and we’ll get back to you.

Advocacy and Outreach
The Advocacy and Outreach Committee strives to raise awareness of the variety of services the different libraries in Palm Beach County offer the community by providing pertinent information to the public and planning library advocacy and outreach events.

  • Chair - Bruce Barron

  • Stacy Alesi

  • Janet DeVries Naughton

  • Raychell Harris

  • Michelle Keba

  • Elizabeth Locke

  • Sheila Washington

The Bylaws Committee Oversees the Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures for the PBCLA membership.  Ensures that the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures clearly reflect all changes that have been made by the Board and voting membership.

  • Chair - Alyse McKeal

  • Dawn Frood

  • Elaine Minor

  • Isabel Toolsie

The Fundraising Committee identifies and implements fundraising strategies that provide financial stability to the organization and which further its mission to support and advance libraries and those interested in library service.

  • Chair - Elaine Minor

  • Russell Gift

Marketing and Communications
The purpose of the Marketing and Communications Committee is to provide all communication to both members and the public with the assistance of the Secretary of the Board and the Chair of the Technology Committee.

  • Chair - Clifton Barefoot

  • Karen Crisco

  • Michelle Quigley

  • Alyse McKeal

The PBCLA Membership Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of campaigns designed to recruit and retain members, establishing a welcoming presence at quarterly meetings and events, overseeing communications related to membership matters, and ensuring the currency of the membership database. 

  • Chair - David Scott

  • Elaine Minor

The Nominating Committee develops an annual slate of candidates for the Board of Directors. 

  • Chair - Janet DeVries Naughton

  • Dawn Frood

  • Elaine Minor

  • Amanda Woolf

Professional Development Awards
The Professional Development Awards Committee strives to promote professional development by providing financial assistance to members who are seeking professional development opportunities.

  • Chair - Karen Crisco

  • Simone Clunie

  • Alyse McKeal

The Programming Committee plans and coordinates events and programs which support the Association’s mission to support and advance libraries and provide professional development to those interested in library service.

  • Chair - Elizabeth Braunworth

  • Clifton Barefoot

  • Elizabeth Griffin

  • Raquel Rein

  • Elaine Minor

Technology / Webmaster
The Technology Committee maintains the Association website and oversees all communication to the membership and public.

  • Chair - Michelle Quigley

  • Graham Brunk

  • William Howerton

  • Josh Stone